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Welcome to Dyno-Plot, the home of power runs

If you've ever looked at modifying the power output of your vehicle you'll know that there are a multitude of companies offering all sorts of different packages in exchange for your hard earned cash.

Finding the correct modifications to suit your requirements and budget is never easy as there are so many options from so many tuning companies.

The idea behind Dyno-Plot is to give you access to a large collection of engine performance data, some tools to make sense of this data and allow easy comparison of the tuning kits and parts and a place to discuss the modifications. All of these should help you make an informed decision and help get the biggest bang for your buck.

Power run graphs / Dyno plots

The main thing you want to know about modifications is what they will do to your vehicle. Engine tuners and performance parts suppliers often quote just a peak horsepower and torque figure. Now while this is useful it only describes the engines output at specific points of the rev range.

A graph from a power run or a dyno plot can tell you a lot more than just a single figure because it shows you an engines output across it's entire rev range.

At Dyno-Plot we collect details of power runs from people like yourselves who've taken their vehicle to a rolling road or have had their engine on an engine dynameter. This large collection of power runs from both standard and modified engines can be viewed and easily compared to each other allowing you to easily see what difference performance modifications have made. It's even possible to compare different types of engines.

Where to start

You can navigate this site by using the links at the top of the page but here are a few key links to get you started.

Perform a search of the available graphs and view the results here.

Discuss modifications that you have done or are thinking of doing with people in a similar situation in the online forum here.

The usefulness of the site depends upon people like you who've done modifications so if you have tuned your vehicle and have a power run then please add details of the run here.

You can browse the graphs and forum without being a member but to be able to post in the forum or upload your own graphs you must be a member. Joining is free and easy and you can do so here.

Finally the new Alfa Romeo 4C has really caught our eye as it's likely to be a great platform to tune with it's expected turbo engine and it's lightweight chassis. Check it out if you get a chance

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